the magic in the spirit of human imagination
within each and every one of us
is the compass we use
to guide the manifestation of our dreams into culture.

the needle of this compass
swings in the balance between
magnetic waves of love and fear
sweeping electrically through our hearts and brains.

Each Juan~of~us
to their own capability
potentially emanates such influence today
that an inspired word, song, idea, or even facial expression
placed before the right set of eyes and ears
can set off a wave of energy
with the power to change minds, hearts,
and inspire people to transcend selfishness
uniting to create astounding works of love
to celebrate life
instead of buttressing towers of calcified theories and beliefs
protected jealously and fearfully against change
by greedy compulsions.

I ask myself:
is it yet time
to awaken to the responsibility
of living the life
dictated by the loving funk
in my heart~lit mindscapes?

~ Danony H. Moose
Pontificator Aurdinaire

"Subliminal Anime Blues: SAB."

~Danony H. Moose

The nature of mind is complex, tricky.

It can be dark some places, and scurry...crazy noises and such.
Vibrations enough to make you shake shiver and shimeni, ifyaknowhatimean.

Yet this is a poor excuse not to get in there with some elbow grace and a little L.E.D.

And do some house cleaning every Juance in a moon.

The GFA urges you, with the lore of the imp:

Make some space in your mind.
Don't let em "news" tell yah what to think about the world.
Pay attentiom.
Meet your guards.

Be brave. Be real.
Drop the guilt and take responsibility for your style of living on a planet endowed upon humanity to steward.
Gnose thy say yulf.
Mankind is steeped too deep in the syndrome, baby.

Awaken to OUR potential.
Awareness with Ourness.

Hoo as Juan,

Do life with love.
Love is knowledge.

~ Danony H. Moose,
Inner Space Engineer


"Mind your wants, cause there's someone that wants your mind." ~ Starchild, Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome

This page is dedicated to responsibly rhythmical, inspired, counter~cultural in~sanity.

Let us rest opinions for the nonce;  the True depths of Soul come as a direct experience of the dreamy forms love leaves encoded in our Heart's whispered murmurings.

Nonsense spaces for your interfaces are necessary in our day and age because without fresh, responsible Funk from the Source
we might just get another soulless "uptown funk" gospul.

The spirit of Funk is once again threatened by the Syndrome.
Who among us is ready to Represent Funklife?

"I don't wanna name names or nuthin, but mankind hears not sufficiently the pulsebeat breath of the cosmic will within his heart.
Hosts of forces on horses operate ecknologically to insphere and outcube our singular collective knowing into individual seeings and thinkings."
~ The Revereal Shabalaka Kilemalo Karhatziev

Nose the Eyeself.
Dehypnotize your lulz.


Find Original inspiration

at the ORigin

of U. N' Eye,

Cra Di Brah
Shash Lahk Hash.

~ Penned by Danony H. Moose,
The World's Professional Hypnopottamoose

The GFA:

Generating words

From thoughts

Born of feelings

Triggered by interpretexted meanings of memories

4 You and I Vs. the UNIVERSE <3 <3 <3.

Unwind your senses with only the Freshest of Fragrances.

Said da G-Rat.

"That's is all for now."

"Funk Research must now transform to
Funk Refined," Said Da Moose.

Where's Theodoor?


Well come, Funky friends and fiends alike, to the Global Funk Alliance IQ HQ.

Here we shall endeavor to remind us all to clear the air and move that derriere.

The G~Funk is found at the inter-6-shen between love of sound in SPACE, and love of SPACE in sound.

The finest highness to put the Willis in the Strokes for Folks.

The curated, prorated, slo-mo homo-sapiens minds and yours come to get her up for the downstroke.

Hiyah energy inner Chi for U n he to go down in history.

The honorary, necessary, heeded and kneaded Nonsense Spaces for Your Interfaces.

Thanks for toon into our Freek-When-See, and everso much more in store 4U2C soon.

Brothers and sisters of Funky inkly nations,

Let us begin appropriately with offerings of gratitude, for uponst da shoulders of giants we now stand:

First and foremost, to the uproarious mirror of the animating Force itself, and to the glorious, nefarious, luminarious masters of Life through which it shines in all its forms upon manipulations of civilizations. In the words of the great Mothership connected prophet of Yorez, the Knower of the No~Nose Zone Himself, George Clinton, "Go Wiggle!".

Our admiration of the depths of UR fearlessly titanic inspirations humbles us, and whee here at the GFA who have dedicated a sizable portion of our lives to diggin into the Mystical Funks of Yorez shall try our verymost bestest to fail naught in performing our homages, dedications, and Funky ablutions in y'er honourz. We shall, heretoforthwith and with a bit of a case of some flair and pizazz, endeavor to collect, reflect, and procreate your accomplishments, ere we regret the wisdom of your legendary Flows sinking into the mireful abyss of forsaken history.

Thank you to our family, friends, acquaintances, and all the incredible human beings we have beheld, every sunrise, sunset, pulsing heartbeat and breath.

We LOVE all'a'y'allzes.

We Funk Ho!

Yours Funkfully,

G~Rat and the K~Zoo

etta Global Funk Alliance HQ