Brothers and sisters of Funky inkly nations,

Let us begin appropriately with offerings of gratitude, for uponst da shoulders of giants we now stand:

First and foremost, to the uproarious mirror of the animating Force itself, and to the glorious, nefarious, luminarious masters of Life through which it shines in all its forms upon manipulations of civilizations. In the words of the great Mothership connected prophet of Yorez, the Knower of the No~Nose Zone Himself, George Clinton, "Go Wiggle!".

Our admiration of the depths of UR fearlessly titanic inspirations humbles us, and whee here at the GFA who have dedicated a sizable portion of our lives to diggin into the Mystical Funks of Yorez shall try our verymost bestest to fail naught in performing our homages, dedications, and Funky ablutions in y'er honourz. We shall, heretoforthwith and with a bit of a case of some flair and pizazz, endeavor to collect, reflect, and procreate your accomplishments, ere we regret the wisdom of your legendary Flows sinking into the mireful abyss of forsaken history.

Thank you to our family, friends, acquaintances, and all the incredible human beings we have beheld, every sunrise, sunset, pulsing heartbeat and breath.

We LOVE all'a'y'allzes.

We Funk Ho!

Yours Funkfully,

G~Rat and the K~Zoo

etta Global Funk Alliance HQ