"Mind your wants, cause there's someone that wants your mind." ~ Starchild, Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome

This page is dedicated to responsibly rhythmical, inspired, counter~cultural in~sanity.

Let us rest opinions for the nonce;  the True depths of Soul come as a direct experience of the dreamy forms love leaves encoded in our Heart's whispered murmurings.

Nonsense spaces for your interfaces are necessary in our day and age because without fresh, responsible Funk from the Source
we might just get another soulless "uptown funk" gospul.

The spirit of Funk is once again threatened by the Syndrome.
Who among us is ready to Represent Funklife?

"I don't wanna name names or nuthin, but mankind hears not sufficiently the pulsebeat breath of the cosmic will within his heart.
Hosts of forces on horses operate ecknologically to insphere and outcube our singular collective knowing into individual seeings and thinkings."
~ The Revereal Shabalaka Kilemalo Karhatziev

Nose the Eyeself.
Dehypnotize your lulz.


Find Original inspiration

at the ORigin

of U. N' Eye,

Cra Di Brah
Shash Lahk Hash.

~ Penned by Danony H. Moose,
The World's Professional Hypnopottamoose