The nature of mind is complex, tricky.

It can be dark some places, and scurry...crazy noises and such.
Vibrations enough to make you shake shiver and shimeni, ifyaknowhatimean.

Yet this is a poor excuse not to get in there with some elbow grace and a little L.E.D.

And do some house cleaning every Juance in a moon.

The GFA urges you, with the lore of the imp:

Make some space in your mind.
Don't let em "news" tell yah what to think about the world.
Pay attentiom.
Meet your guards.

Be brave. Be real.
Drop the guilt and take responsibility for your style of living on a planet endowed upon humanity to steward.
Gnose thy say yulf.
Mankind is steeped too deep in the syndrome, baby.

Awaken to OUR potential.
Awareness with Ourness.

Hoo as Juan,

Do life with love.
Love is knowledge.

~ Danony H. Moose,
Inner Space Engineer