the magic in the spirit of human imagination
within each and every one of us
is the compass we use
to guide the manifestation of our dreams into culture.

the needle of this compass
swings in the balance between
magnetic waves of love and fear
sweeping electrically through our hearts and brains.

Each Juan~of~us
to their own capability
potentially emanates such influence today
that an inspired word, song, idea, or even facial expression
placed before the right set of eyes and ears
can set off a wave of energy
with the power to change minds, hearts,
and inspire people to transcend selfishness
uniting to create astounding works of love
to celebrate life
instead of buttressing towers of calcified theories and beliefs
protected jealously and fearfully against change
by greedy compulsions.

I ask myself:
is it yet time
to awaken to the responsibility
of living the life
dictated by the loving funk
in my heart~lit mindscapes?

~ Danony H. Moose
Pontificator Aurdinaire