A series of allegorical snapshots
from the mythology
of parallel universe culture.

The names assigned to these below
initiate a parade of intuitions
unfolding into experiences
becoming rites of passage
into the perceptive soul.

Love IS Knowledge.

Created by Danony H. Moose
Commissioned by Global Funk Alliance
Produced by Mal T. Odorous
Please enjoy.


The swirling purple-black winds
~spinning my perpetual rumor mill~
carry with them subtle tidings
from the cosmic realm of Yorez
echoing in the chambers
of my heart.



Micro V Macro

Since times of great antiquity
when young King Crows come of age
they undergo the arduous ritual
of putting forward their understanding of Life
to a stoically silent clan elder.

"Life has a magical language of light.
in dimensions of the Metamorphorical,
the dream~book of creation is fount,"
crooned the little one.




Having wreaked havoc
in lands above and beneath the waters
Cool Eros, the Master of Imps,
is pursued by the Emissary of Depths.

To take the mythical trickster by surprise,
the giant squid pours forth into the room
waving evidence with agitation:
a bottle of perfume emanating the scent of shenanigans.

But the vexed beast catches naught,
infuriated further by the corroboration
of its quarry's all~too~recent habitation.



The Hypnopottamus

The time traveling Hypnopottamus cares not for the future of civilization.
Enshrouded in his natural mystique
he sets off towards the past.

A sighting ~ this one being all the more rare, for it is notoriously difficult to meet his gaze ~
is said to portend the coming of a great transformation.
He is portrayed here having dispatched his loyal crocodile with unknown instructions,
and flanked by his gang of symbiotic winged informants.




Alpha Centaurion

The tale of Vadamaka,
the primate scholar who ascended into space upon a technicolor penny farthing
is known to every schoolchild in Yorez.

This scene, one day to be projected upon the silver screen,
portrays Vadamaka's famous final trial
becoming the first mammal
in living memory
to succeed in harmonizing a whistled tune
with that of the eternal sentinel of the Sensory Censorship Centre,
the Centaur Mime of Alpha Centauri.





Ponorjah is a condition
in the vein of the Vus
(Deja, Presque, and Jamais)
where the veil of cognition
which separates imagination from reality
has been swept aside.

Dreamstory and memories meld
resulting in surreal experiences
accompanied, often, by apparently bizarre behaviors.

Generally such experiences are fleeting,
but the Matriarchs of Yorez
can still be found
chanting old superstitions
to contend with unruly behaviors
from bothersome hooligans:
"Better mind your P's & Q's
don't say we haven't warnedja,
lest ye end up plumb confused
in permanent Ponorjah."




Sahyot of Yorez

"Life is a shapeshifting conspiracy
between a lion and a dot,"
thus begin the primary texts
in the Lore of the Gnomes of Yorez.

Many more things are written there besides,
understood only by those initiated gnomes
who have learnt the arcane codes
embedded in the silent relationships
between ancient words
written by the hands
of all-seeing ancestors.