It seems only fit, hereupon whilst introducing the denizens of the Zoo, to give the Skunk his weasely due.

His creation, explosion, and the search for the Source of his Funky Instinks, were hereby prophecized in a 44 second animation created circa 2002ish using the magic of what we used to call "macromedia flash".


In honor of his 36th birthday, the Skunk received this mystical gift ~ an illustrated skull of his likeness, created by none other than the fairest of nears, the Lady Claire De Luxe. My O My, what sharp conical gilded fangs you have! Medium: Sharpies on Skunk skullbone

Skunk Skull 01Skunk Skull 02Skunk Skull 03Skunk Skull 04Skunk Skull 06Skunk Skull 07