"Long have I been back here, Behainjah.. Much do I see.
Existential Addresses for your I.P.
I have remembered the time of the HA'ATKALAFAR,
when i was painted by the Dance~Sing of the Great Brush.

The One Who Matters hears no longer the Bearish,
the language of our Feral Farfathers,
Which was taught to me by my Aunt Esther.
He looks no more deeply at his life than his own dreams,
enmeshing not in the Emperor's Xosmic Weave.
Him has been led away from the natural lessons of patience
by the dancing of his letters in his virtual space sector.

I have returned to remind this Human of his Geocentric manifestation providers, lest he destructurate himself further.

Fugal V Petal
Kayah Rashantilah Na.
Thirteen B.

Look for the Mothminder there.

U knows who U. R.

Blessed be thy journeys.

Be seeing you!"

~ from Short Interviews With Time Travelers Quarterly Revu, 2Q/2015
Yo.G. Bear Ish
Ancient Siberian Teetotaler